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Precautions when using the alternator
        At present, the car is widely used on the alternator, the use should pay attention to the following points:
        1.regular cleaning of the appearance of dirt and dust generators to keep clean and well-ventilated.
        2.often check with the generator-related fasteners of the fastening situation, timely tighten the ministries of the screws.
        3.transmission belt tension to be appropriate. Too loose, easy to slip caused by lack of power generation; too tight, easy to damage the belt and generator bearings.
        4.install the battery, do not install the wrong, usually the first to install the positive line, do not take the wire, or easily burn out the diode.
        5.with integrated circuit regulator, the engine is not running should immediately turn off the ignition switch.
        6.Never use "scraping" method to test whether the power generation.
        7.generator failure with no power, it is necessary to remove, otherwise it will cause more serious failure.

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