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Generator structure principle
        In the ordinary three-phase alternator set on the basis of windings, winding turns and leads to increase the lead to increase a set of three-phase bridge rectifier. At low speed, the original windings and windings are connected in series, and at the higher speed, they are only output by the original three-phase windings. The work of high and low speed power supply circuit transformation is automatic, no additional mechanical and electrical control device, its working principle is analyzed as follows:
        In the low speed range, because the generator speed is low, the series output of the three-phase winding increases the output voltage of the generator, so that the low-speed charging performance of the generator is greatly improved. In the high-speed range, with the generator speed increases, the series of three-phase winding inductance increases, the internal pressure drop increases, coupled with the armature reaction to strengthen, so that the output voltage decreases. At this time the original three-phase windings A, B, C due to the smaller pressure drop, the induced current is relatively large, to ensure high-speed power out
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