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Classification of motor generators
    Since the alternator is superior to the DC generator in many respects, the DC generator has been eliminated, and the alternators are classified into the following categories according to the different classification methods: the generator is divided into the DC generator and the AC generator.
1. According to the overall structure is divided into five categories
    (1) ordinary alternator, also known as the "silicon rectifier generator" (the use of voltage regulator with the need to install the generator). Example JF132 (for EQ140). See illustration
    (2) Integral alternator (generators and regulators made of a whole generator) Example Buick car engine is equipped with CS-type generator (including CS-121, CS-130 and CS-144 three kinds of Different models).
    (3) with a pump alternator. (Pump with pump AC generator is not a vacuum pump vacuum booster pump, vacuum booster pump is on the car brake system).
    (4) Brushless alternator (generator without brush) Example: JFW1913.
    (5) permanent magnet alternator. Magnetic pole made of permanent magnet generator).
2. According to rectifier structure is divided into four categories
    (1) six-tube alternator example JF1522 (Dongfeng Motor).
    (2) eight tube alternator example JFZ1542 (Tianjin Xiali car use).
    (3) nine tube alternator example (Japan's Hitachi, three Ling, Mazda car use).
    (4) eleven tube alternator case JFZ1913Z (Audi, Santana automotive use).
3. According to the magnetic field winding ground in two forms
    (1) within the ground type alternator field winding one end (negative) direct grounding (and shell associated).
    (2) outside the ground-type alternator magnetic field winding one end (negative) access regulator, and then through the regulator iron.
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